Welcome to the Quantum Internet

Commercial quantum networking systems have arrived.

Bohr is leading the charge in the Quantum Revolution.

Bohr Quantum has developed commercial ready quantum networking systems. Our technology offers precision timing, networking of quantum computers, and secure communications. Quantum technology is reshaping the future of what is possible.

What We Offer

The CapricaZero™ is a racked quantum networking system that offers:
  • Infrastucture for secure teleportation protocols
  • A robust control layer
  • Commercial-grade performance
Bohr Quantum has proven market readiness via evidence-based, independent peer reviewed performance.
Bohr provides:
  • Integrated racks
  • Photon entanglement to teleport data securely
  • Quantum computer entanglement
  • Service to racks to ensure smooth operation
  • Software and hardware to integrate new tech
We also enable interconnected quantum devices on any platform or architecture, locally or at a distance, and using existing fiber.

We’re creating a collaborative quantum network.

Our goal is to form partnerships with researchers, quantum computing (QC) companies, and end users to accelerate quantum technologies across industries.

Technology Applications

Bohr Quantum is poised to make a global impact with applications for:

QC Networking

QC Networking

National Security

National Security



Meet Our Team

Paul Dabbar



Paul served as DOE Undersecretary for Science, was a JP Morgan Managing Director, and is a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Columbia University at the Center on Global Energy Policy.

Paul Dabbar LinkedIn
Maria Spiropulu


Chief Scientist

Maria is an influential experimental particle physicist who is leading the way on the use of quantum technologies in AI, radiation detection, and Big Data and AI methods to accelerate scientific discovery.

Maria Spiropulu LinkedIn
Conner Prochaska


Chief of Strategic Partnerships

Conner was the first DOE Chief Commercialization Officer, served as Director of DOE Office of Technology Transitions, was Chief of Staff at ARPA-E and has a background in the intelligence community. 

Conner Prochaska LinkedIn

"Our systems, which are compatible with emerging solid-state quantum devices, provide a realistic foundation for a high-fidelity quantum Internet with practical devices"

— PRX Quantum, a Physical Review Journal

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